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Watertight Plugs and Sockets IP66/68

Our IP66/68 Wander Plugs and Sockets are waterproof up to 2 bar/2h, so they are intended to the most extreme and severe weather conditions.

The 00114 Plug has two earthing systems, suitable for both Austrian/German system and French/Belgian system.

With a robust design, made in PC/ABS, they have a protection cover with bayonet, ensuring a perfect seal. Furthermore, the opening angle of the cover is 160º and includes an elastic band that joins cover and cap, guaranteeing a comfortable and reliable use.

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         00114 and 00118



  New Distribution Box CDN4G from ide

With a completely improved design, the new watertight IP65 box CDN4G, part of the Ecology series, has unrivalled features.

These are the main advantages of this new box:

  • It is made of halogen-free ABS.
  • This box is sealable between base and frame.
  • The transparent window has a 90º retention system.
  • It has double clipping system between frame and window.
  • Present captive screw between base and frame.
  • It allows the possibility of fixing PTR.
Please, bear un mind that this box replaces the former CT3G and CT4G references.
Do not hesitate to contact our Export Department for more details.


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> 18.04.2018

New design:
TECNO boxes (rolled steel)

The IP65 rolled steel terminal boxes TECNO series design in improve its design.


  • Greater opening frame space thanks to the new fixing system.
  • Greater inner space.
  • Possibility of placing hinges as an accessory.
  • Individual packaging in cardboard box.

This new design will be available from june 2018.

It is important to bear in mind that the current TECNO boxes will coexist with the new design until the end of stock, so that boxes of the current and new design can be received in the same order.




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